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News from Natural Sciences

2021.09.06 | Faculty of Natural Sciences

Honorary doctorate 2021: Professor Conny Aerts

In relations to the Annual Party 2021 at Aarhus University, Professor Conny Aerts has been appointed Honorary Doctor at Aarhus University.

New students gathered in the university park. Photo: Hanna Bak Andersen.

2021.08.26 | Faculty of Natural Sciences

Welcome to more than 800 new students

On Wednesday, 25 August 2021, a multitude of new students started their studies at Aarhus University, of whom the Faculty of Natural Sciences welcomed more than 800.

Fieldtrip to Bederværket guided by Pia Jacobsen from Aarhus Vand

2021.08.24 | Faculty of Natural Sciences

WATEC is hosting the Advanced Water Cycle Management Course

Providing clean water and sanitation while still protecting natural environments is one of greatest challenges in modern society, one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the background for the Advanced Water Cycle Management Course.

The Danish research team behind the article in Nature (from left): Louise Dalskov, Ninna Ahlmann Frederiksen, Rune Hartmann, Andreas Holleufer & Hans Henrik Gad - all from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University. Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen.

2021.08.19 | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Fruit flies can pave the way for better understanding of the human immune system

The human body's attempt to eradicate invading viruses can eventually become fatal. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is in many cases hyperinflammation and cytokine storm caused by the viral infection that kill patients. Perhaps a deeper understanding of the immune system of fruit flies will enable us to develop strategies that slow down the…

From left: Assistant Professor Karim Rahimi (MBG) and Assistant Professor Daniel Dupont (iNANO) (photo: Anne Færch Nielsen)

2021.08.19 | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

New long-read sequencing technology reveals the surprising complexity of circular RNAs

A paper from Jørgen Kjems and colleagues published in Nature Communications presents a new method to determine the full-length sequence and isoform variation of a class of RNAs called circular RNAs.

Figur: Matti Turtola

2021.08.16 | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Three-layered control of mRNA tails

In a joint collaboration, researchers from Aarhus, Cambridge and Warsaw have characterized how the essential mRNA poly(A) tails are synthesized in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The study reveals several mechanisms controlling poly(A) tail lengths and hereby ensuring the robustness of gene expression.

The Tollund Man bog body. Photo: Museum Silkeborg.

2021.08.10 | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Research reveals recipe of Tollund man's last meal

Researchers have re-examined the last meal of the famous Tollund Man bog body, consumed shortly before he died around 400 BC. The analysis reveals that he likely ate an ordinary Iron Age meal of porridge and fish, consumed 12-24 hours before his death.

Illustration: Fritz Ahlefeldt

2021.08.13 | Department of Mathematics

Research for the people!

The phenomenon of citizen science is taking an ever more important role in a number of research projects all over the world. Aarhus University has been using the method for several years, and now the formation of an interdisciplinary collaboration will ensure that this growing research and communication field has a more formal position in the…