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2017.12.18 | Public / media

A Channel in the Heart of the Matter

How cells control the movement of ions, electrically charged species, in and out of the cell is a grand puzzle, whose completion will allow a thorough fundamental understanding of human physiology. A Danish-American team of researchers has found a piece of the puzzle with their determination of two structures of the human calcium-activated cation…

2017.12.12 | Public / media

Aarhus University opens large new innovation factory

Engineering students are full of good ideas that can help solve some of the world’s many problems. The Aarhus University School of Engineering is therefore kicking off a new initiative that – in collaboration with researchers and companies – will get the students’ ideas to flourish.

2017.12.11 | Public / media

Bill Gates met with researchers from Aarhus University

Bill Gates recently met with researchers from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University to discuss the sustainable use of biological nitrogen fixation that allows legumes to use atmospheric dinitrogen as a nitrogen source.

2017.12.12 | Public / media

Researchers will turn grass into a gold mine

With a multi-million grant, researchers can speed up development of the world’s largest and most advanced biorefinery facility. Here they will convert ordinary grass to feed, food products, fuel and plastic.

2017.12.06 | Public / media

Highly educated men are more disposed to eating insects

Almost a third of Danish consumers are positively inclined to eating insects, and the majority of these are males living in the Copenhagen area. The consumers prefer processed products rather than whole insects. This is shown in a new report from Aarhus University.

The iClimate research centre covers a wide scope, and will carry out studies of areas such as the North Pole with unmanned drone missions, which will provide new insight into the processes resulting from climate change. (Photo: Colourbox) 
The centre has a holistic approach to the climate to find details in a larger perspective. This illustration shows how the different focus points will be included in the overall work. (Illustration: iClimate)

2017.12.04 | Public / media

Renewed focus on climate research at Aarhus University

A sound knowledge base is required if Denmark is to hold onto its leading position in climate research and adaptation. By establishing a strategic research centre, Aarhus University will now combine classical science, research-based public sector consultancy, engineering and social sciences, to create the prerequisites for studying the challenges…

Professor Lars Peter Nielsen flanked by Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen and Professor Liselotte Højgaard, chair of the Danish National Research Foundation. Photo: Peter F. Gammelby, Aarhus University
Head of Department Hans Brix, Department of Bioscience, welcomes both CEM and guests to the lecture theatre. Photo: Lise Balsby
Professor Lars Peter Nielsen demonstrates how long the cable bacteria can become. Photo: Lise Balsby
Professor Liselotte Højgaard, chair of the Danish National Research Foundation, is pleased with the new basic research centre – and is certain that CEM will be worth the DKK 56 million, even if the researchers are unable to find answers to all of the questions. Photo: Lise Balsby

2017.12.04 | Public / media, Staff

Opening of the Centre for Electromicrobiology

A new basic research centre – the Centre for Electromicrobiology – was officially opened on 1 December at an event in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres. The Danish National Research Foundation is financing the centre with an initial grant of DKK 56 million.