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More digitalisation specialists for the digital transition

Digitalisation initiative

At Aarhus University, we are dedicated to creating an attractive environment for IT students, with high academic standards as well as opportunities for hands-on collaboration and problem-solving with businesses in the area.

Graduate IT specialists are in very high demand among businesses, and according to government analyses, there will be a shortfall of up to 19,000 IT specialists in Denmark by 2030. Therefore, Aarhus University is realising an ambitious digitalisation initiative to prepare researchers, students and the current workforce for the digital transition of the future.

DKK 67.5 million has been allocated to the digitalisation initiative, which will result in significant upgrading of the academic environments at the Department of Computer Science and The Department of Mathematics. The initiative is the first wave of AU’s contribution to Denmark’s digital future.

AU will double the number of IT graduates over the next five years

Aarhus University wants to help ensure that Denmark remains at the forefront in the IT area. Therefore, AU has an ambition to double the number of graduate digitalisation specialists in 2023.

Most of the science digitalisation specialists will come from the Department of Computer Science, which will increase its output of graduates to 190 per year. The new programme in data science at the Department of Mathematics will provide 20-30 graduates a year. Furthermore, the number of graduates with digital skills in the engineering field will also be doubled.