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Career opportunities at Natural Sciences

Graduates from Natural Sciences are highly specialised and much-coveted labor that can contribute with new knowledge, new ideas, and new methods within your company's professional field. There's a great demand for our graduates and therefore low unemployment.  

See examples of what our graduates are employed with below (choose English subtitles).  

Biology Biology graduates from Aarhus University find jobs in many areas, e.g. in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, within environmental administration and technology, or as consultants for companies and organisations. Watch the film about Bjarke who works with watercourses in Aarhus.
Computer Science Computer scientists are in high demand. Many graduates end up in private companies, e.g. general software houses or companies that specialise in cyber security, medical technology, public administration, graphics, or bioinformatics. Meet Troels who is Senior Consultant at Netcompany.
Physics Physicists from Aarhus University work in many different areas, e.g. in the private sector, in consultancy firms, or in fields such as medical physics or meteorology. Others work as upper secondary school teachers. Watch the film about the physicists Lauge who works at Kamstrup as Product Manager.
Nanoscience Graduates from Nanoscience are qualified to carry out research and development work in public institutions as well as in private companies, e.g. in the medico sector, in the industry for new materials, or within biotechnology. Watch the film about Michael who is CTO of CemeCon Scandinavia.
Chemistry Medicine of the future and next generation of sustainable construction materials: Both the pharmaceutical and the chemical industry need chemists. The same applies for governments, environmental organisations, and international companies. Meet the development engineer Morten.
Mathematics Mathematicians work in e.g. banks, mortgage credit associations, insurance companies, IT companies and other high-tech companies. They also work with experimental data, for example in the healthcare sector, the biotechnology sector, and the IT industry. Tobias is consultant at Netcompany.
Mathematics-Economics Many of our much-coveted graduates in Mathematics-Economics have jobs in the banking and insurance sector, but also as problem-solvers in consultancy and telecommunications companies. Others work at universities, government agencies, or ministries. Meet Sara who specialises in operational analysis at TDC.
Molecular Biology Two out of three molecular biologists from AU end up as researchers. They typically find jobs at universities or in the private sector, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, the high-tech food industry, or in private research companies. Maiken is working at Arla Foods Ingredients.
Molecular Medicine Graduates from Molecular Medicine typically work in the research and health sector. With the understanding of diseases at the molecular level, many work within the biotechnology, food, or pharmaceutical industry, or at universities or in private companies. Martin is working in the pharmaceutical industry.