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ERC grant to strengthen quantum-science leap towards the labour market

Jacob Sherson, professor with special assignments, has set out to future-proof implementation of the huge economic perspectives in breakthroughs in quantum physics. He will do this through study modules for non-physicists who are to contribute other academic disciplines and competencies than mathematical quantum physics to the innovation environment of the future in this knowledge-intensive growth sector. The project is being funded by a new ERC grant.

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[Translate to English:] Professor Jacob Sherson vil undersøge, hvilke ikke-fysiske kompetencer der kan understøtte vækstpotentialet i den videnstunge industri. (Foto: Lars Kruse/AU Foto.)

The beginning of the “second quantum revolution” has taken the technology from basement laboratories into the commercial sector, where it is considered very promising for future growth areas based on technological progress.

This means that there is an increasingly urgent need for an academic infrastructure around the very knowledge-intensive technology, in which a large group with quantum ingenuity can contribute to the many new tasks. And this ingenuity for the area is more important than a double PhD in quantum physics.

The quantum economy of the future has just as much need for managers, engineers and business developers as it has for scientists. In short, the challenge is to find a common language for such a fiercely knowledge-heavy and specialist area.

Education in the quantum market

Now, a research group at Aarhus University will begin the task by mapping the competency requirements for the quantum economy of the future. They will also develop study modules to build up the competencies required by the quantum-based industry of the future, in which not everyone needs to possess the hefty mathematical and physics competencies that are otherwise the foundation for the progress of quantum physics research.

The project is based on a grant from the European Research Council, from which Professor MSO Jacob Sherson has received EUR 150,000 for his "Practical Quantum Technology Education for Industry" project.

The project is a proof-of-concept project, and funding is given to former recipients of ERC grants that have proved to have socio-economic potentials and perspectives. This is the only ERC grant awarded to a Danish project in this funding round.

Professor MSO Jacob Sherson,
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
Aarhus University.