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Kjeld Laursen


Assistant Professor

Primary affiliation

Kjeld Laursen

Areas of expertise

  • Electronics
  • CMOS-design
  • Ultra low power systems
  • Energy harvesting

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Kjeld Laursen received the PhD degree in electronics from Aarhus University, Denmark, in 2021. He is currently employed as an assistant professor at Aarhus University.

He worked first as an electronic mechanic for BB Electronics A/S, Denmark, (2001 - 2006) including an apprenticeship.

Later he studied as an electronic technician in S√łnderborg, Denmark, (2006 - 2008), which led him to work in an R&D department for Siemens A/S Flow Instruments, Denmark, (2008 - 2012).

In 2012 he started his engineering studies which led to pursuing a Ph.D. degree in electronics engineering with Integrated Circuit and Electronics Laboratory, Aarhus University. The focus of the Ph.D. studies are the design of ultra-low power integrated circuits for body implants.

Selected publications

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