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Jens Mogens Olesen


Professor Emeritus, PhD, MSc & Hort.

Primary affiliation

Jens Mogens Olesen CV

Areas of expertise

  • Ecology
  • Network Theory
  • Island Biology
  • Pollination Biology

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Island ecology: Studies of the dynamics of biotic interactions on islands, especially the conservation of species.

Ecological network science: Studies of ecological interaction networks.

In my research, I collaborate with Danish, Spanish, and Portuguese researchers. We do research in the complexity of nature, especially in relation to network structure. Keywords are stability, robustness, resilience, hierarchical structure, and spatio-temporal dynamics.

At present (2024-04) and together with collaborators, I work on the following manuscripts:

Hierarchical structure of an ecological network and the interplay between its nestedness and modularity

The Canarian bird-lizard flower network is still growing



At present (2024-04), I am co-supervisor on two Ph.D. students: (1) Sara Mendes, Coimbra Univ. Project: Frugivory interactions in Europe and, in particular, the Canary Islands. (2) Hugo Silva, Madeira Univ. Project: The pollination network of the laurisilva in Madeira and La Gomera.

Selected publications

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