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Dean's Secretariat at Natural Sciences

The Dean's Secretariat carries out the strategic analyses as well as development and quality assignments that the Dean and the Vice-deans need in their academic and financial management of the main academic area.

Head of secretariat

Staff at the Dean's Secretariat


  • Career development initiatives for academic staff
  • Graduate employment and student employment
  • Contact person for the teaching and learning in higher education programme
  • Responsible for alumni contact (CRM)


  • Gender equality, diversity and inclusion
  • NAT International Forum and Circle U
  • NAT Research Ethics Sub-committee
  • Professor Promotion Programme and contact with the Graduate School of Natural Sciences
  • Recommendations for large prices

Editor of Aktuel Naturvidenskab

Chief Secretary

  • Calendar and email management for the Dean
  • Planning of meetings in the Dean's Office
  • Holiday/Absence registration in AUHRA
  • IndFak, RejsUd, Emply MSK, Workzone, PURE
  • Occupational Health and Safety Representative

Research Advisor

Peter F. Gammelby

Public Relations Cordinator

Press coordinator

  • Press and external communication

Educational adviser

  • Adviser to the Vice-dean for education
  • Secretariat services for the faculty's educational forums
  • Case and meeting preparation
  • Ongoing goals follow-up in the field of education
  • Workzone Super User

Data Management Coordinator

  • Adviser for vice-dean for research
  • Contact person for Data Management, Nat
  • Nat Open Science coordination committee
  • Nat ERDA/SIF steering committee
  • Coordinator of Nat’s Data Management forum

Editor of Aktuel Naturvidenskab

Research adviser

  • Adviser for vice-dean for research
  • Secretariat services for the research committee and the Academic Council
  • Network for scientific coordinators and the Research Support Office
  • Responsible conduct of research and freedom of research
  • Recruitment and career development for academic staff

Adviser to the Dean

  • The faculty's strategy, including implementation and follow-up
  • Coordinator of major funding applications, evaluations, etc.
  • Speech writing and preparation of presentations
  • Responsible for the meetings of the faculty management team

Marketing and recruitment staff

  • Student Recruitment
  • Campaign Planning
  • External and Internal Communication
  • Member of UOKKS – NAT Committee for Online Communication to Prospective Students
  • Communication Consulting


  • Legal tasks
  • Secretariat and management services for the Dean's Office and faculty management team
  • Secretariat services for the Faculty Liaison Committee (FSU)
  • Data Protection Coordinator

Student worker


Web coordinator

Communications adviser

  • Communication adviser to the Dean
  • Professional manager, communication and recruitment
  • Strategic and political communication
  • Press preparedness and co-ordination of press cases

Communications adviser

  • External and internal communication
  • LinkedIn
  • Web content

Communications adviser

  • External and internal communication
  • LinkedIn
  • Web content

Special Advisors for both Technical Sciences and Natural Sciences

Science engagement

Senior Consultant

  • Senior consultant for knowledge development regarding science engagement

Team coordinator

Project Staff Member