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Educational collaboration and talent development at Natural Sciences

In collaboration with the business community, the university can develop the talent that society needs.

Do you need an academic workforce with special competences? In collaboration with an industry or a business, Natural Sciences can plan special 'toning programmes' of students, who can target their degree programme to the needs of your business or industry.

Natural Sciences places emphasis on a high academic level and on close contact between students and researchers/teaching staff. We are constantly striving to make our degree programmes relevant to society and the business community.

Your business can also help educate prospective employees through student projects and internships or through PhD collaboration.

Strategic collaboration on world-class talents

The pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and Aarhus University entered into a collaboration agreement in 2016 to strengthen research and development of protein technology. A total of nine PhD students will be offered a three-year research scholarship, will take place in the leading technological research environments at Aarhus University and in Novo Nordisk’s research and development department in Måløv.