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Brian Keith Sorrell


Lektor, PhD

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Brian Keith Sorrell




I am an aquatic scientist who has studied freshwater and marine ecology and the ecophysiology of aquatic plants for 40 years. Over 100 papers in refereed science publications.

Co-editor/co-author of the textbooks, "Freshwaters of New Zealand" (2004) and "Arctic Sea Ice Ecology" (2020).

Specialties: Aquatic photosynthesis and primary productivity, Carbon balances in wetlands, Wetland and lake ecology, Ecophysiology of aquatic plants, Arctic and Antarctic algal physiology, Limnology


Teacher in multiple undergraduate and graduate courses at all levels including field courses and courses in Greenland as part of the Arctic Study Science Programme. Succesful supervisor of multiple MSc and PhD students. Member of the Graduate School Programme Committee. 


Institute of Antactic and Marine Sciences, University of Tasmania.

Royal Holloway UNiversity, London.

Radboud University, Nijmegen.


 I have been involved in developing guidelines for management and protection of freshwater resources, environmental monitoring, and environmental impact assessment. 

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