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Research collaboration at Natural Sciences

Research-based knowledge is converted into new products and solutions through research collaboration between companies and university researchers.

Does your company need research-based knowledge, equipment and know-how? Development and growth at an increasing number of businesses is based on research and development. At the same time, there is an increasing demand that the business case in all research must be supported through industrial partners in research projects.

Natural Sciences works with a large number of companies and institutions in Denmark and abroad every year. This means our knowledge and technology help create entirely new products and services founded on research-based knowledge, and cross-disciplinary solutions that create value in both new and existing businesses.

What do you get out of working with us?

A research partnership with Natural Sciences ensures an academic focus on your company's operations and development in close collaboration and dialogue with the world's leading researchers and research groups at Aarhus University.

If you are interested in participating in a research partnership with Natural Sciences, you can either contact the relevant department/centre directly, or find out more about the possibilities by contacting the faculty's dedicated contact for business collaboration. You are also always welcome to visit our business-oriented events.

Poul Due Jensen Foundation extremely pleased with cooperation with AU

A prominent delegation from the Poul Due Jensen Foundation visited Science and Technology to see what the Foundation's donation of DKK 40 million to the Aarhus University Centre for Water Technology (WATEC) is being spent on, and to talk about other ways they could work with AU. Both guests and hosts could see great potential for further collaboration in the future. Read more in the Poul Due Jensen Foundation extremely pleased with cooperation with AU news.

Foto: Søren Kjeldgaard