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VILLUM Investigators celebrated at AIAS

Yesterday, Aarhus University and Faculty of Science and Technology celebrated five new VILLUM Investigators at AIAS.

Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Foto
Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Foto

Founder of VELUX and the VILLUM Foundation, Villum Kann Rasmussen once said; “You can get great ideas anywhere, but if you want them to succeed go to Jutland”. This notion might still be at the heart of the foundation, as the majority of the 2019 VILLUM Investigators are from Jutland (five from Aarhus University, and one from Aalborg University).

It is the second time that the VILLUM foundation selects researchers for the VILLUM Investigator program, which acknowledges researchers who, for 10 years or more, have demonstrated international, cutting-edge research of the highest scientific quality. “It is important for the VILLUM foundation to support research that meet the demands of the world. With the VILLUM Investigator grant, the foundation invests in excellent talents who work on ground-breaking ideas that could impact the entire world,” says Chairman of the board from VILLUM Fonden, Jens Kann-Rasmussen.

The five VILLUM Investigators each gave a short presentation of the work they will be taking on over the next five years. This includes developing safer software for smart cars (Prof. Lars Birkedal), or reducing the amount of waste in pharmaceutical productions all over the world (Prof. Karl Anker Jørgensen).

Besides, Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, Dean Lars Henrik Anders, and representations from the VILLUM Foundation, friends, family and collogues took part in celebrating the VILLUM Investigators with a concert, scientific presentation, and finally a reception.

Congratulations to Lars Birkedal (Department of Computer Science), Yong P Chen, (Department of Physics and Astronomy) Bo Brummerstedt Iversen (Department of Chemistry), Karl Anker Jørgensen (Department of Chemistry), and Henrik Stapelfeldt, (Department of Chemistry).

Read more about the five researchers and their projects.


Bo Brummerstedt Iversen
Department of Chemistry 
Mail: bo@chem.au.dk
Mobile: +45 27782887

Karl Anker Jørgensen
Department of Chemistry 
Mail: kaj@chem.au.dk
Mobile: +45 26804960

Henrik Stapelfeldt
Department of Chemistry 
Mail: henriks@chem.au.dk
Mobile: +45 60202770

Lars Birkedal
Department of Compute Science 
Mail: birkedal@cs.au.dk
Mobile: +45 23838546

Yong P. Chen
Purdue Quantum Center
Mail: yongchen@purdue.edu
Telephone: +1 7654940947