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Two PhD students at Nat receive Elite Research Travel Grants

Isabella Nymann Westensee from iNANO and Simon Vendelbo Bylling Jensen from the Department of Physics and Astronomy each receive DKK 200,000, which they will use for research in resp. London and Hamburg.

Isabella Nymann Westensee from iNANO. Photo: Private photo
Simon Vendelbo Bylling Jensen from Department of Physics and Astronomy. Photo: Private photo

A total of five PhD students from Aarhus University rare awarded this year's Elite Research Travel Grants, and two of them are placed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The Minister for Higher Education and Science Jesper Petersen and HRH Crown Princess Mary will present the grants at a celebration in Moltke's Palace in Copenhagen this afternoon, 24 February.

An Elite Research Travel Grant includes a cash prize of DKK 200,000 and is intended to help very talented PhD students get longer-term study stays at the very best research environments in the world. Up to 20 Elite Research Travel Grants are awarded annually.

The two recipients from Faculty of Natural Sciences are (the links will lead you to longer descriptions on the Ministry of Education and Research's website in Danish)

Isabella Nymann Westensee at iNANO, who will use her grant for a stay at University College London in connection with her project "Hydrogel-based semisynthetic tissue to support liver function"


Simon Vendelbo Bylling Jensen at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, who will use his grant for a stay at the Center for Free Electron Laser Science at the Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter in Hamburg in connection with his project “High-order harmonic generation from solids and amorphous materials”.