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The Centre for Science Studies included in a huge €3.5 million EU grant

The PATTERN Consortium, which consists of 19 partners, including the Centre for Science Studies at the Department of Mathematics, wins Horizon Europe grant.

The overall objective of the PATTERN project is to develop and disseminate teaching within the fields of social responsible research, innovation and Open Science, particularly to early career researchers.

The partners in the PATTERN project will conduct and test several hundred teaching and training activities. The activities aim to strengthen the transferable skills of researchers, i.e. the ability to use their expertise at different jobs in both private and public organisations. The activities are in line with one of the Salzburg recommendations for PhD degree programmes.

The Centre for Science Studies at the Department of Mathematics has a key role in the project due to their extensive experience with mapping and developing teaching and training activities within this exact area, for example through the Centre’s participation in the EU-project TIME4CS. The Centre for Science Studies will receive €280 thousand from the grant.

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