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Stable numbers applying for natural science programmes via quota 2

Again this year, Aarhus University is seeing an increase in the numbers applying via quota 2, and at Natural Sciences, applications are stable in relation to first-priority applications.

[Translate to English:] Kristine Kilså, prodekan for uddannelse på Faculty of Natural Sciences. (Foto: Josefina Kilså-Becker)
[Translate to English:] Kristine Kilså, prodekan for uddannelse på Faculty of Natural Sciences. (Foto: Josefina Kilså-Becker)

The deadline for applying for a higher education programme via quota 2 expired at 12 noon on 15 March 2021. The large number of applicants in 2020 for bachelor's programmes at Aarhus University has continued to grow in 2021. The figures are more stable for first-priority applicants at Natural Sciences.

For example, according to preliminary figures, around 400 have applied for admission to one of the faculty's degree programmes as their first priority. This is roughly the same number as applied for admission via quota 2 last year.

"It’s positive to see that young people still want to take science degree programmes, and that many have applied for one as their first priority. I hope that we’ll be able to admit as many people as possible to the programmes of their dreams," says Kristine Kilså, vice-dean for education at the faculty of Natural Sciences at Aarhus University, and she continues:

"However, I’d very much like to see that even more young people were interested in natural-science subjects and applied for our programmes. We have some very good programmes that produce graduates who are in high demand on the labour market, and who will contribute to solving some of the difficult societal challenges we’re facing," says Kristine Kilså.

The preliminary figures show increases in geoscience, biology, medical chemistry and molecular biology, while there are unfortunately declines in mathematics-economics, chemistry and IT degree programmes.

The final tally of quota 2 applicants will be available later this week. The total number of applications for degree programmes at Aarhus University will be announced in July once the deadline for applications via quota 1 expires at 12:00 on 5 July. Applicants will receive the results of their applications on 28 July.