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Dean Kristian Pedersen in Altinget: Universities must be able to live up to the expectations of the outside world

The modern university is closely intertwined with the surrounding community. This does not mean that the freedom of research is compromised, writes the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Kristian Pedersen, in his debate post.

Kristian Pedersen, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Photo: AU Foto.

“Today universities are woven into society in a fine-meshed network of relationships at all levels of the organization, from the individual researcher and student all the way up to the board. This does not mean that research is politically controlled or that freedom of research is compromised. ”

The Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences writes, among other things, in a new debate post published on Altinget.dk.

In the post, Kristian Pedersen comments on the role that universities play in society and on the demands and expectations that universities must be able to live up to.

Read the  post here - only in danish.