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Aarhus University introduces admission requirements for all technical and science degree programmes

The admission requirements will be introduced from summer 2019. This means that young people dreaming of a career within these fields, but who are unsure whether they meet the requirements, should remember to apply via quota 2, which has a deadline for applications on 15 March.

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Future students will have to have an average grade of at least 7.0 for the qualifying examination, and an average of at least 7.0 in Mathematics A to be admitted directly through quota 1.  The purpose of the admission requirement is not to reduce the number of students, but rather to find the right students. Aarhus University wants to strengthen the quality of education programmes, reduce dropout rates and educate better graduates
Students who cannot meet the admission requirements, but who have the ability and motivation to complete their degree programmes, can still be admitted. This will be via quota 2, for which an entrance examination will be introduced.

Clarifying entrance examination

Everyone who applies for admission via quota 2 will be invited to an entrance examination. The object of the entrance examination is to help applicants to clarify their choice of study, and to identify the most motivated and qualified applicants.
The exam consists of a test and a clarifying programme on the relevant degree programme being applied for.  The test is a cognitive test to assess academic aptitude and the skills necessary to study on a university programme.
"It’s important to be fully aware of what studying on one of our programmes entails. They are exciting, but also demanding. We expect that the admission requirement and the entrance examination will help us clarify applicants better. The entrance examination is an important initiative for our study programmes, and we look forward to monitoring the effects over the coming years," says Finn Borchsenius, vice-dean for education at Science and Technology, and adds that the entrance examination is therefore an initiative that all applicants can benefit from.
Last year, Science and Technology, the faculty behind the study programmes, introduced admission requirements for three programmes: Physics, Computer Science and IT Product Development.
From 2019, there will be admission requirements for all the faculty's Bachelor study programmes, i.e. Bachelor programmes in science as well as the MSc in Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering programmes.

The admission test will take place on Saturday 4 May 2019 at Aarhus University.

Read more about the admission test for quota 2 applicants for scientific and technical programmes (in Danish).

Contact information:
Vice-dean for Education Finn Borchsenius
Mobile: +45 23815322