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K. Brad Wray


Associate Professor

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K. Brad Wray

Areas of expertise

  • philosophy of science
  • scientific publication practices
  • the philosophy of Thomas Kuhn
  • scientometrics
  • realism/anti-realism debates

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My research addresses the following topics: (i) scientific publication practices; (ii) the philosophy of Thomas Kuhn; (iii) scientific theory change; (iv) the scientific realism/anti-realism debates; and (v) scientometrics.

I have published three monographs with Cambridge University Press: Kuhn's Evolutionary Social Epistemology, Resisting Scientific Realism, and Kuhn's Intellectual Path: Charting The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Teaching activities

I regularly teach "Philosophy of Science and Ethics" to the chemistry and medical chemistry students, and the engineering students.  I also team teach a course that introduces Masters students to the key themes and questions in the philosophy of science.  In addition I have taught masters courses in (i) scientometrics, (ii) the Philosophy of Thomas Kuhn, and (iii) the scientific realism/anti-realism debates. 

Selected publications

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