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Bo Barker Jørgensen


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  • Marine ecosystems
  • Microbial ecology
  • Marine biogeochemistry

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My research field is marine biogeochemistry with emphasis on microbiological and chemical processes in the seabed and their local and global importance. We use experiments with radioactive isotopes combined with chemical analyses to trace element transformations and determine their rate.  We also apply modeling tools and databases to understand  the regulation of element cycles in the seabed in relation to ecology and climate.


I study the microorganisms and element cycles in the seabed, in particular sulfate reduction, methane cycling and the degradation of organic matter. The goal is to understand the pathways of these biogeochemical processes and how microbiology and geochemistry control their rates.


I study microbial processes in the seabed where by methane is produced and degraded in a "cryptic" cycle. This DFF-supported project is a collaboration between colleagues at the Section for Microbiology at AU and the group of Prof. Amelia Rotaru at the University of Southern Denmark. I furthermore work on data analyses of biogeochemical processes in the seabed in collaboration with colleagues aborad with the aim to understand the regulation of the processes and their global significance.

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