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Advisory Board at Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences' Advisory Board advises the dean and the Dean's Office on strategy, visions and academic issues within the faculty's core areas:

  • Research
  • Collaboration
  • Degree programmes
  • Talent development

Among other things, the Advisory Board is concerned with the quality of research, the faculty's range and development of degree programmes, and initiatives in relation to talent development and collaboration with external partners.

The Advisory Board is composed of external members from Denmark and abroad representing key employers of faculty graduates and academic research and educational institutions. The Advisory Board meets once a year. The members receive no remuneration for participating.

Members of the Advisory Board:

  • Gideon Henderson, Professor, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (UK)
  • Anders Hagfeldt, Professor, Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University (S)
  • Rasmita Raval, Professor, University of Liverpool (UK)
  • Conny Aerts, Professor, KU Leuven (NL)
  • Sir Gregory P. Winter, Research Leader Emeritus, Cambridge (UK)
  • Søren Eskildsen, CCO, Trifork (DK)
  • Lars Fogh Iversen, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Research Technologies, Novo Nordisk (DK)
  • Tina Riis Mikkelsen, Principal, Silkeborg Gymnasium (DK)
  • Hanne Hautop, Principal, Rosborg Gymnasium & HF (DK)
  • Henrik Seiding, Managing Director, Technical and Environmental Services Department, Aarhus Municipality (DK)