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Strategy for the Faculty of Natural Sciences

The faculty's strategic direction is based on AU's strategy for the period 2020-2025, and it comprises a core narrative describing who Natural Sciences is as a faculty, as well as four strategic focus areas that the faculty wants to prioritise in the years to come.

Strategic milestones

The strategic milestones give the faculty a clear direction in its work to generate new knowledge and new research breakthroughs, and to help solve current societal challenges through high-quality research and education.

Four strategic focus areas have been set up to supplement the initiatives being launched in continuation of Aarhus University's strategy. 

The four focus areas:  

  • Collaboration and management: 
    Good framework conditions and incentives are prerequisites for high-quality education and research, interdisciplinary collaboration and collaboration with businesses. 
  • Career development: 
    Targeted career development for students and staff at all levels is a prerequisite for realising potentials for the individual and for the faculty.
  • Recruitment: 
    Targeted recruitment of students and staff is a prerequisite for ensuring high quality and diversity in the faculty's educational and research environments.  
  • Internationalisation: 
    NAT will strengthen internationalisation within research and education. 

Core narrative

The core narrative frames the spirit of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and ensures a clear standpoint in work to forge the pioneering initiatives of the future.

The faculty's strengths are clearly highlighted in its core narrative: The faculty's good research activities, its flat structure, interdisciplinary research, good collaboration across departments and faculties, basic research of the highest quality, high-quality study programmes, students' opportunities to get involved in research, and much more.