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DKK 16 million for daring experiments at Aarhus University

The VILLUM FOUNDATION has granted approx. DKK 16 million to eight research projects at Aarhus University. The eight researchers behind the projects are all from Science and Technology, and the projects have been selected anonymously based on how innovative and daring they are.

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The core of the VILLUM FOUNDATION programme, the Villum Experiment, is to promote technical and scientific research ideas that challenge researchers and make them think in new ways.

And they are not experimental research projects. All the almost 400 applications have been through an anonymous selection process, with 20 international assessors assessing the research idea without being able to consider the researchers' CVs and academic work. 52 of the applications came through, and eight of them are from Aarhus University:

Title and name



Grant (DKK)

Postdoc  Chengfang Pang


Shaping Nanoparticle-Microbial Interactions to Modify the Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance (NanoShapMicro)


Associate Professor Rikke Louise Meyer


The secret life of DNA


Visiting scientist   Ada Pastor

Department of Bioscience

Nitrogen in rocks: an overlooked nutrient source in Arctic aquatic ecosystems


Associate Professor   Maximilian Stritzinger

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Cosmography of Laniakea: Type Ia supernovae, Peculiar Velocities & Dark Matter


Assistant Professor   Nicola Lanata

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Simulating strongly correlated materials by combining quantum theory with machine learning


Assistant Professor   Victoria Antoci

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Exploring the interplay between hot stars and exoplanets - A new spectrograph prototype for a unique nano-sat mission


Junior Fellow,  visiting scientist   Yonghui Zeng

Department of Environmental Science

Link Phototrophy and Methanotrophy in Glacial Bacteria


Assistant Professor   Magnus Kjærgaard

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Self-assembled protein droplets as reaction platforms for biotechnology



In total


Read more about the projects at the Villum Foundation