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2020.08.05 |

Researchers discover a new and unique class of carbohydrate receptors

An international team of researchers led by Aarhus University are the first to determine the crystal structure of an exopolysaccharide receptor. The results give insight into how plants and microbes communicate, and this knowledge can hopefully be used for more sustainable agriculture where…

2020.08.04 |

Saving people with COVID-19 by suppressing the immune system

The immune system protects us from attacks from external enemies such as bacteria and viruses, but sometimes the body fights so fiercely against external threats that people die. In COVID-19, the immune system slows the spread of viruses. New research shows that this means that damaged tissue is…

2020.07.29 |

Significant increase in student places offered at Natural Sciences

20 per cent more students will be offered a place at Natural Sciences this year. There are also still vacant places, because the university has increased its capacity in the wake of corona.


Wed 19 Aug
15:00-17:00 | INano foyer, building 1590 at Aarhus University, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, DK-8000 Aarhus C
Welcome reception for Dean Kristian Pedersen
The university invites partners, staff and students to a welcome reception for Dean Kristian Pedersen 19 August 2020.

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