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Wanted: Two new vice-deans

Faculty of Natural Sciences is looking for two new vice-deans for research and education to develop and run the newly established faculty.

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The faculty is looking for two new vice-deans, a vice-dean for education and a vice-dean for research, and together with the newly appointed dean, they will be responsible for consolidating and developing the new faculty and for the daily management of research and education.

A central task for the vice-deans will be to work with the dean and the heads of department, and involve staff and students, to describe and cultivate the new faculty's core values and, under the auspices of the new AU strategy, to develop the faculty's own strategy.

Together with the dean, the two vice-deans make up the faculty's senior management team. The vice-deans are also members of the faculty management team together with the dean, the heads of department at the faculty, the head of administration and the chief adviser. The vice-deans have a central role, with close and good collaboration with the departments, and as part of AU's interdisciplinary collaboration with vice-deans from other faculties. The vice-deans also help profile the faculty externally and nurture collaboration with Danish and international foundations and companies.

The areas of responsibility and tasks for the two vice-deans will in general be:

Vice-dean for research

Together with the dean, the vice-dean for research will have primary responsibility for determining the faculty's strategy, development and day-to-day management in the field of research. Amongst other things, this comprises the development of the faculty's research activities, management of the graduate school at the faculty, ongoing development of the faculty's external funding and research infrastructure, as well as increased collaboration with the business community and the public sector and expansion of international partnerships.

Vice-dean for education

Together with the dean, the vice-dean for education will have primary responsibility for determining the faculty's strategy, development and day-to-day management in the education area. In general, this includes quality assurance and accreditation, as well as development of new study programmes, in close collaboration with the boards of studies. Important focus areas are the recruitment of students, including increasing the number of female students as well as international students, student exchange, increased business collaboration, retention, the study environment and development of further and continuing education.

The deadline for application is 16 August via Aarhus University's webpage and expected start in the position is 1 November 2020.

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