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Associate Professor Henrik Birkedal from the Department of Chemistry has received DKK 16.3 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for a new research infrastructure. (Photo: AU)

2019.12.19 | Public / media, Staff

Aarhus researcher will look deeper into bones

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has just granted a total of DKK 75 million (EUR 10 million) to projects that can strengthen the infrastructure in Danish research. At Aarhus University, Associate Professor Henrik Birkedal has received a total of DKK 16.3 million (EUR 2.2 million) for his Aarhus X-ray Imaging Alliance – AXIA project. The ambition of the…

Associate Professor Thomas Bjørnskov Poulsen from the Department of Chemistry today received an ERC Consolidator Grant for his Recypion project. (Photo: AU Photo)

2019.12.11 | Public / media, Staff

ERC grant winner aims to develop substances with antibiotic effects

Today, the European Research Council (ERC) is awarding a total of EUR 600 million to 301 top researchers throughout Europe. One of them is Associate Professor Thomas Poulsen from the Department of Chemistry, who has received an ERC Consolidator Grant of DKK 15 million (EUR 2 million) for his Recypion project.

The Carlsberg Foundation

2019.11.29 | Public / media, Staff

The Carlsberg Foundation awards grants to 12 researchers from Science and Technology

A total of 134 outstanding researchers have received grants from the Carlsberg Foundation, of whom 12 are from Science and Technology. The grants are for basic research based on the researchers' own visionary, creative ideas.

Selin Kara (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Søren Ulstrup (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Jonas Elm (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Kasper Green Larsen (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Peter Refsing Andersen (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)
Artan Sheshmani  (Photo: Independent Research Fund Denmark)

2019.11.20 | Public / media

Six Sapere Aude research leaders from Science and Technology

This week, the Independent Research Fund Denmark awarded a total of DKK 208 million to 35 excellent Sapere Aude research leaders. And six of these extraordinarily talented young researchers are from Science and Technology.

In 2017 Professor Thomas Pohl moved from the Max Planck Institute in Dresden to a Niels Bohr professorship at Aarhus University. Now he is going to head the basic research center CCQ. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU.

2019.10.23 | Public / media

New centre will mix exotic quantum cocktails of light and matter

The Danish National Research Foundation has granted DKK 66.6 million (EUR 8.8 mill.) to Professor Thomas Pohl and the Center for Complex Quantum Systems (CCQ). "Complex quantum systems" is no understatement. The new basic research centre will combine the known quantum technologies and see what photons, ultracold atoms and laser-cooled ions can do…

Professor Liv Hornekær will lead the new basic research center InterCat. She is a pioneer in the new interdisciplinary research field of astrochemistry. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2019.10.23 | Public / media

New centre to find the origins of life in space

With DKK 67.4 million (EUR 8.9 mill.) from the Danish National Research Foundation, professor Liv Hornekær at Aarhus University will establish Center for Interstellar Catalysis, in order to find out how and when the building blocks of life formed in the universe.

Wood ants moved from the forest to an apple plantation reduced the occurrence of apple diseases in the plantation. (Photo: Jens Henrik Petersen).

2019.10.17 | Public / media

Ants fight plant diseases

New research from Aarhus University shows that ants inhibit at least 14 different plant diseases. The small insects secrete antibiotics from glands in the body. On their legs and body, they also host colonies of bacteria that secrete antibiotics. It is probably these substances that inhibit a number of different diseases and researchers now hope…

Jens Holbech receives the Research Communication Prize as a recognition of excellence and innovation in the communication of knowledge from the university to the public. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU

2019.09.13 | Public / media, Staff

Jens Holbech receives the Research Communication Prize 2019

The Aarhus University Anniversary Foundation Research Communication Prize 2019 goes to senior consultant Jens Dybkjær Holbech, Faculty of Science and Technology

Aarhus University. Photo: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Foto.

2019.09.16 | Public / media, Staff

DKK 16 million for daring experiments at Aarhus University

The VILLUM FOUNDATION has granted approx. DKK 16 million to eight research projects at Aarhus University. The eight researchers behind the projects are all from Science and Technology, and the projects have been selected anonymously based on how innovative and daring they are.

Headed by Esben Auken (centre), researchers at Geoscience are testing the new technology in a field west of Aarhus. Here seen with a key collaboration partner in the project, Irene Wiborg from SEGES (agricultural consultancy), and postdoc Pradip Maurya, who is preparing the measuring equipment for the test. Photo: Dorthe Lundh
Preliminary research results show that geophysical measuring equipment towed by an ATV can map out the subsurface and thereby identify where fertiliser from agriculture risks spilling into the aquatic environment. Photo: Dorthe Lundh

2019.08.30 | Research

New geophysical technology paves the way for a cleaner aquatic environment

Within a few years, it may be possible to better target the use of nitrogen by agriculture. Research at Aarhus University has resulted in a concept for mapping the geological strata of individual fields, which is one of the unknown, but important, links in understanding how nitrogen flows from field to fjord. Learn more about the research in the…

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