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Niels-Ole Hørlyk took water samples in Bønnerup Marina as one of 200 volunteers in the HavBlitz citizen science project on 29 September 2019. Photo: Private.
A map of the sites from where the volunteers twice collected water samples. Graphic: AU

2021.07.22 | Department of Biology

Volunteers conducted a survey of residents in the sea around Denmark

Biologists from Aarhus University and the University of Copenhagen have studied the environmental DNA in water samples collected simultaneously by 370 volunteers on two occasions from almost 100 sites along the Danish coast. The combination of citizen science and environmental DNA has provided an effective overview of biodiversity in Danish…

Researchers have identified the VC1 gene as responsible for the production of anti-nutrients vicine and convicine that make people sensitive to the faba bean (photo: Frederick Stoddard, University of Helsinki)

2021.07.07 | Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Sustainability

Protein crop’s potential unlocked by deciphering anti-nutrient biosynthesis

Faba beans are an excellent source of food protein, but about 4% of the world’s population are afflicted by favism, which renders them sensitive to the faba bean anti-nutrients vicine and convicine. Now, an international research team has identified the VC1 gene as responsible for the production of these compounds.