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Daniel Dupont is one of the very few who, exceptionally, has been granted access to his laboratory to develop means to combat coronavirus. Private photo.
Marie Rosenstand Hansen makes sure that both the spiders and their feed are thriving in the Spiderlab. Private photo.
Andreas Basse O'Connor can continue his mathematics research at home without problem. One fringe benefit is that his children keep him supplied with lunch and snacks. Private photo.
Bo Holm Jacobsen from Geoscience teaches live from his attic. Private photo
Facility Management employee Allan Madsen in an empty chemistry cafeteria. Private photo.
Mads Fabian Andersen is a manager at SONG and he’s in a race against time in Australia. Private photo.
Captain Torben Vang and the research vessel Aurora are moored up in the Port of Aarhus. Private photo.
Katrine Domino from iNANO did her PhD defence online, but she’ll have to wait to celebrate at a later date. Private photo.

2020.04.02 | Faculty of Natural Sciences

Life with lockdown

Working and studying has been different in just as many ways as there are employees and students, and together, each in their own way, they are keeping the wheels of Nat running. Separately. Meet some of them here.

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