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The concept of a multifunctional drug resembles that of the Swiss army knives, which are available in many different versions according to the needs of the users. Foto: Andrew Toskin / CC BY-SA 2.0
A graphical representation of a new multifunctional drug: the gray mesh represents the platform of DNA strand mounted with drug molecules (red), an isotope for illumination (orange), targeting ligand molecules (blue), self-penetrating peptides (purple) and albumin binders for transport (green). Grafics: Kurt V. Gothelf.
Professor Kurt V. Gothelf heads the new Centre for Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design. Photo: Lars Svankjær.

2018.03.27 | News

Drugs of the future: Swiss army knives in pill form

Researchers at Aarhus University are developing a new method for making multifunctional drugs that can be assembled quickly and inexpensively according to the needs of the individual patient

Professor Søren Fournais, Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University. Photo: Søren Kjeldgaard

2018.03.12 | News

Elite Research Prize awarded to Professor Søren Fournais

Most of us are unaware of the mathematics that lies hidden in our daily lives. Søren Fournais is an expert in describing the world through the equations, particularly tiny quantum physical phenomena. On 1 March, he received an Elite Research Prize 2018 of DKK 1.2 million from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

[Translate to English:] Ph.d.-studerende Mark Simkin, Institut for Datalogi, Aarhus Universitet. (Privatfoto)

2018.03.12 | News

Elite Research travel grant for young computer scientist

PhD student, Mark Simkin, from the Department of Computer Science receives an Elite Research travel grant 2018 from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.