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Jesper Givskov Sørensen



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Jesper Givskov Sørensen CV

Areas of expertise

  • Invertebrate thermal biology
  • Phenotypic plasticity
  • Evolutionary adaptation
  • Stress response, heat shock protein
  • Functional genetics

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My research has focus on adaptation to environmental stressful conditions in terrestrial invertebrates with especially attention to effects of high and low temperature. I have a strong interest in the relationship between evolutionary adaptation and phenotypic plasticity. Further, I have a keen interest in the relationships (phenotypic and genetic trade-offs) among stress tolerance and life history traits that shape or constrain adaptation. Further, I am involved in work aiming to implement thermal biology for improving efficiency of mass-reared insects for feed and food. My experience covers particularly population biology, evolutionary genetics, molecular biology and eco-physiology with particular emphasis on environmental stress. The work had used a combination of approaches from molecular genetics to evolutionary ecology, and field experiments (including activities in the Arctic) with laboratory experiments, using a variety of model and non-model organisms, primarily terrestrial invertebrates.

Selected publications

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